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MD Engineering Adds 5-Axis Machining Capability

Corona, Ca. – With the recent purchase of a DMG Mori Model DMU65, MD Engineering has put a focus on promoting manufacturing efficiency. The highly dynamic DMU 65 monoBLOCK equipped with an optimal and accessible large working area of 28.9 × 25.6 × 22.0 in. (X / Y / Z), this machine dominates all milling technology disciplines at an exceptionally high level. With a wide working range for workpieces up to ø 33.1 in., 19.7 in. height and max. 2,204.6 lbs. with swivel rotary table, as well as workpieces up to 39.4 × 33.1 × 22.0 in. and max. 6,613 lbs. with rigid table.

DMU 65 monoBlock

With the ability to machine most highly complex, tight tolerance components in no more than two operations, MD Engineering is taking cost savings to a new level. The solution to OEM required price reductions has been found!

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