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Lean Manufacturing

MD Engineering embraces lean manufacturing principles as central to our efficiency and effectiveness. As one example we have implemented several Kaizen events. Familiar to manufacturing professionals worldwide, Kaizen is the Japanese word for “change for better.” This is our constant mantra. Implementation of these values and principles has helped us to continuously remove inefficiencies and variables from the world class products we manufacture for a growing list of prominent global aerospace and defense companies and their supply chains.

Along with implementing our E2 shop management software, MD Engineering continues to embrace lean manufacturing. Just-In-Time-Deliveries are increasingly important for our customers to remain competitive, and by implementing Kaizen activities and other lean practices we continue to strengthen the impeccable services our customers already receive.

When it comes to CNC machining, whether your need is CNC milling, CNC turning, high speed machining, or just high quality CNC machining services, MD Engineering is the obvious choice…..and we are committed to continuous improvement, in order to be your long-term partner.